About Me

Nandita Chakraborty was born in Kolkatta, India, in 1975, in a small conservative family associated with the arts. Her father won many accolades in the field of Indian Cinema, so the house was always filled with creativity.

After studying, Fashion and Visual Merchandising, Nandita forged a successful career, but eventually grew to feel personally and creatively unfulfilled.

She began to write.

At first, it was poetry, and then short stories that she didn’t consider very good, and which she binned, but she persevered until she was writing for Melbourne newspapers and magazines. It was a steep learning curve, and in 2013 self-published her first novel, Missing Peace.

She took time off and travelled through India for six months, where she began to understand the pandemonium of Krishna’s devotees.

One night, by chance, she caught a classic Indian movie about Mirabai – a movie she’d seen as a child, but never understood. Now it opened up to her and inspired her, and she undertook extensive research, learning that Mira Bai was a devotee of Krishna and a mystic Hindu poet.

Following three years of further research, Nandita learned there was a story to be told, a legacy of love, divinity, and sacrifice, that needed to be shared with generations to come.

Hence, Meera Rising was born.

Nandita wants to advocate that love and miracles do happen. She feels that Mirabai could be living amongst us, and can be that unassuming neighbour, that friend or that mysterious person who would come of age to be a great advocate of love and peace.

Her forthcoming books will always have characters that define this love, and her central protagonists will be women.

Her upcoming book, Rosemary’s Retribution, is also about women defining themselves in love and all that empowers in its name.